Loan Process

St. Charles Pawn follows the pawnshop interest rates, storage, and insurance fees, as regulated by the state of Missouri.
The customer will receive a percentage of the value St. Charles Pawn determines the collateral would bring in a sale.

For all items pawned, the customer will receive a ticket that states the customer's name, address, type of identification provided to the pawnbroker, a description of the item, the loan amount, maturity date, interest rate and amount that must be paid to redeem the item.

All terms and conditions of the loan are printed on a pawn ticket that is given to the customer.

A valid form of identification is necessary for every transaction, and can only be accepted from the person pawning items. Valid forms of ID include: Current Drivers License (not expired), State ID, Military ID, Passport, or a Visa.

Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible to maintain the interest on the loan with a 90 day forfeit date. Each month the item is here there is a 10% interest charge. If no interest is paid by the forfeit date written on the ticket, then the item/items will then be up for forfeiture and sold. It is the customer's responsibility to keep track of dates and amounts owed on their loan/loans. If the customer loses the original pawn ticket there is a $5 charge and the person must be present with an appropriate I.D. to redeem the merchandise. The customer accepts full responsibility for the condition of all the pawned items at the time of the transaction


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